Moms' Support Group

by Jenny Lichte

Our Moms' Support Group is provided in conjunction with Foster the Family, another organization that encourages foster families and all in the community who want to come alongside them and provide support.

Foster the Family Support Groups offer foster and adoptive moms guided meetings with a strong emphasis on discussion and mutual support.  Led by Amy and Ashley, two local foster moms, these groups are secondarily about education and primarily about relationships.  Our leaders are provided with questions to help direct the conversation, so come ready to listen and learn for a short time.  Then the group members will have most of the evening to share about your experiences, struggles, joys, and questions. 

How do I sign up?

No sign up needed.  No cost.  Just come.  To learn more, or to ask questions of the leaders before the meeting, message @FostertheFamilyLawrenceTopeka on Instagram.

What should we expect for the group time?

There will always be snacks, childcare, and a welcoming team of leaders ready to get to know you and help you connect with other moms. You'll start with a few minutes of chatting and snacks, and then will have a welcome, announcements, and a game with the whole group.  Then there's a 15 minute training video to educate and inform discussion for the rest of the night.  You'll split into small groups for extended discussion and have more time for connection with other foster parents.

Is this a moms-only group?

Yes.  This group is for foster/adoptive/kinship/guardianship moms.  We've found that attendance is usually about 90% moms and clearly defining this boundary makes it more comfortable for everyone.  We may have groups for dads in the future.  Please let us know that this is something you need by emailing

Do I have to be a Kansas-licensed foster mom to participate?

No.  In fact, you don't have to be licensed at all.  If you're in the process of getting licensed, are on a break, adopted from foster care, care for a child through custody/guardianship, etc., you are welcome at these groups.

What kind of commitment is recommended?

The real magic happens when you build actual relationships within the group that move to friendships outside of the group.  If you attend here and there, you'll likely experience some helpful education and an inspiring/helpful discussion.  If you jump all in and commit to being at as many meetings as possible, you'll likely find a community of caring foster parents who you can live life with and share the burdens of foster care with.

Are these groups faith-based?

No, they're not.  These FtF support groups do not have elements of faith and are open to anyone and everyone.  Some Foster the Family Support Groups in other areas have a second faith-based option.  Talk to your group leaders about this if you have further questions.

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